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How to use this site


  • Create as many lists as you want.
  • Lists can have unlimited categories.
  • Each category can have unlimited gear.
  • Use the drag handles () to move things.
  • Click on whatever you want to edit. Changes are saved automatically.


  • A searchable list of your gear will become available in the sidebar under «My Gear» once you add your first piece of gear to a list.
  • Changes made to gear in one list are reflected in all other lists.
  • If you delete a piece of gear from all lists it will still be available under «My Gear» for easy access.
  • If you want to permanently delete gear you can do so by going to «Edit Gear» .
    • Note that deleting a piece of gear here will remove it from all lists as well.
  • If you want to customize which parts of gear are synced between lists you can do that by going to «Preferences» .
Gear icons explained
Worn items don't count towards your base weight. Note that if an item marked worn is listed with a quantity of more than 1, only the first item will be excluded from your base weight
Consumable items will not be included in your base weight, but will appear in your total and as a separate total
Starred items can mean anything you want. Make a note of it in your list description.
Include a link to the item, for example its product page where you bought it
Include a link to an image, for example To keep things clean, images are only shown when sharing lists
Whether you want to include the item in weight calculations or not. Can be useful to quickly see how much you'll save by removing items without having to actually remove and potentially re-add them again.

Change default weight units

  • Set your preferred defaults under «Preferences»

Sharing a list

  • Click «Share»
  • Share the link with whomever you want

Duplicating a list

  • Click «Duplicate»

Need help or a new feature?

Submit a support ticket. It can probably be sorted out.